True Marks of a Transformative Dream: The case of HOTPEC #ORPHANAGE


A dream that truly outlives you is one that is born out of a deep and sincere desire to put the needs of others above yours. It starts with the identification of a need in your community, followed by developing a desire to make a difference; believing that you can make a difference, telling others about what you want to do, and doing something about it. I have simplified this into a four step process (#See, #Believe, #Speak and #Act), but one of the most crucial components is time. You have to understand the role of time and process to keep the dream alive and see it fulfilled.

In 2011, I was passing the night at HOTPEC ORPHANAGE located in mile 15 Bokowa on the slopes of mount Cameroon and the cry of a baby woke me up. My room was close to the baby unit, so I got up and went into the baby unit to see what was happening. What I saw made a deep and lasting impression on me. I saw one of the caregivers cuddling an infant who was less than two months old. I asked about the history of the child and was told his mother gave birth to him and his twin sister; abandoned them and disappeared. Their twins were brought to the orphanage to be raised. As I stood there a lot of things ran through my mind, but one word stuck in my mind. Hope! The orphanage has brought hope in a hopeless situation and is making a difference in the lives of this twin and the more than one hundred and forty children in the orphanage.

The director and founder of the orphanage Rev. Zadoc Mugri conceived the dream to start an orphanage in 1983 after he found out the plight of abandoned and orphaned children in his community. Part of his motivation also came from this Bible verse in James.

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

He started telling people about getting land and building an orphanage and many people said, it was not possible for him to do it. Since he had no money and was not even a trained social worker. All the negative criticism did not deter him. A few years later he got married and shared the dream with his wife Mrs. Beatrice Mugri who decided to stand with him.

In 1995 after 12 years of dreaming and talking about the dream, the couple did the unthinkable and established HOTPEC orphanage on a borrowed piece of land with few wooden buildings and took in three children. Many people told them to forget about the whole idea of taking care of orphans and move on with their lives.

Over the years this small seed that was sworn in 1993 without any guarantees or support from any donors has grown into a premier orphanage in the South West Region of Cameroon in Central Africa. All wooden structures have since been replaced by modern concrete structures. The orphanage no has electricity and running water and the kids have a safe and secure place to sleep and study.

There is still much to be done to keep this dream alive. That is why last year, I spent three days at the orphanage and was the keynote speaker at their end of year graduation and prize award ceremony. I was there to hand over funds our organization raised to provide elementary education for more the orphans.

You too can become part of this dream and make a difference in the life of an orphan in HOTPEC orphanage, here is an opportunity for you to offer hope in a hopeless situation. All donations are tax deductible. If you want to bring hope by you can donate here

If you will rather mail in a check or money order send an email to

The founders of the orphanage saw a need, believed they could make a difference, started talking about it and finally did something. You too can do something and you should.

Maybe be the least you can do it by sharing this with your contacts.


Originally published at on July 21, 2020.



Dr. Eric Tangumonkem, Author, Inspiration Speaker

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