The shortcut to prominence is by solving problems

Joseph did not become number two in Egypt because somebody pitied him or advocated for him to be given that job. Remember that the Egyptians detested the Hebrews and they would not even eat with them. This is discrimination at its worst. Nobody set up a committee to fight against this discrimination, but when Joseph cared enough for others to meet their needs, he was positioned to become the number two most powerful person in Egypt.

It has been said that the cream will always rise to the top. When you focus on the needs of others, you will be inspired with solutions to meet those needs. Unfortunately, many people are so wrapped up in their own issues that they have no time to think about other people. The way to get to the top is by solving other people’s problems.

Remember that Joseph was sold by his brothers and thrown in prison, but he did not allow all this mistreatment and injustice to get him depressed and self-centered. Instead, he deployed his gift to serve Potiphar. It made his business flourish; in prison, he used his gift to serve other people.

When the time came that there was a need to point out what direction Egypt had to go, Joseph was called up because he had a track record of using his gift to solve problems for other people. He was doing this even when his circumstances were far from ideal or comfortable.

What problems are you solving? What needs are you meeting? You must discover your gift and deploy it to serve others. When you provide solutions, your background, socioeconomic status, and skin color will not count.

Therefore, to gain true freedom, start by identifying your gift and use it to solve problems. Nothing will stop you from getting to the top if you are a problem-solver. Unfortunately, many people will rather complain, complain, and neglect their gifts because they think other people have power over them.

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