The driver of superiority and inferiority complex

Today, no matter where you go, you will find that society is broadly divided into two main groups: those that think they are superior to others and those who have been relegated, forced, or brainwashed to believe that they are inferior.

All humans are equal because when all the external and material trappings are stripped, the human spirit is the same. Our true essence is our spirit, and it is a distraction when we focus solely on the body.

All were created equal and endowed with equal rights that should not be usurped by anybody, government, or political ideology.

The colonizers had a nonchalant attitude towards these “primitive natives”: they had to do was toe the line and do what their “masters” demanded.

It is worth noting that colonization was not an act of charity because it was driven by some of the issues of the heart I have already mentioned.

The process of subjugating other people starts with devaluing them and creating a false image about them, to the point that they believe it and start perpetuating it.

Human history is filled with examples of conquest, occupation, enslavement, and dominance of one group of people over the other.

Again, this visit to the past is not intended for analysis paralysis and to play the blame game.

Some people think that that they are better than others and even take the liberty to act on these thoughts and discriminate against other people.

Racism is driven by fear, ignorance, greed, and selfishness. There is no scientific evidence for the subdivision of the human race, so all these divisions are social constructs that have no empirical basis.

Some of the people who feel that race divisions have hurt and placed them at a disadvantageous position want to hold on the hurt because it brings them sympathy.

It is sad that many people are allowing the ignorance of other people to influence how they view themselves and what they believe about themselves.

What you believe about yourself is what people sense when they meet you. As such, you must feed your mind with the right information about yourself.

Therefore, instead of trying to change the racist, focus on changing your belief system. For racism to work, it needs two kinds of people: those who, out of ignorance, believe and act as if they are superior and those who believe that they are inferior because they have been told they are.

By the way, waiting for other people to accept you before you accept yourself is relinquishing the power of having the final say in the hands of others. It is a terrible idea to wait for the approval of others before you become comfortable in your own skin.



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