The case of Joseph and Racism

Joseph was deprived of his father’s love, the comfort of his home, and all of his dreams by none other than his own flesh and blood.

His brothers sold him to slave traders who took him to Egypt and sold him to another master. It was not enough to be sold the first time, he had to be resold. Can you imagine the trauma Joseph went through as he was chained and yanked off to Egypt? He was in a foreign country among people who had little regard for Hebrews. He was put to work by his owner, and it is reported that Joseph excelled at the task he was given to do because God was with him. Because of his hard work, Joseph was promoted to be in charge of all his master’s businesses.

While Joseph was a slave, he was still free because he refused to allow sin to control his life.

His act of disobedience and defiance to his mistress “backfired” on Joseph because this woman was so evil that she lied about him to her husband. Joseph had his own #MeToo moment when this woman told her husband that Joseph had tried to rape her, and after struggling with him, he had run out of the bedroom, leaving his cloak behind. Of course, this was a made-up story. After repeated failed attempts to seduce Joseph, the opportune moment presented itself. On this particular day, this woman realized that the house was empty and Joesph was in the house doing his normal chores. She grabbed him and tried to pull him to the bed with her. This was a desperate attempt on her part to physically achieve what her seductive words failed to do. But Joseph was not going to have any of it, and in the process of struggling to free himself from her grip, she pulled his cloak, and he ran out of the room without it.

Can you imagine how Joseph must have felt after being falsely accused, wrongly convicted, and then imprisoned?

Maybe he thought that if his brothers had not been so hateful towards him and his dreams, he would still be home with his father. If his brothers had not sold him into slavery, he would not have encountered this evil woman who has caused him to be imprisoned for a crime he had not committed.

It is extremely important to understand that everything was stacked against Joseph at this point, and there was no way humanly speaking that his dreams were going to be realized.

Not only was he a slave, but he was also in prison with no hope of getting out. Even if he was liberated from the prison, he was still going to be a slave in a land where slaves were looked down upon. No matter how you look at it, Joseph was in a helpless situation, and only a miracle was going to change his circumstances.

In prison, Joseph did not allow himself to be distracted or depressed. He understood that a person can be imprisoned physically, but the worst prison is that of the mind.

He knew God was still with him, and he did so well that he was placed in charge of all the other prisoners by the chief guard. He did not dwell on his misfortune or allow the fact that he had been wrongly condemned to that prison.




My mission is to inspire, equip and motivate people from all works of life to become aware of the greater possibilities for their own lives and to take ACTION.

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Dr. Eric Tangumonkem, Author, Inspiration Speaker

Dr. Eric Tangumonkem, Author, Inspiration Speaker

My mission is to inspire, equip and motivate people from all works of life to become aware of the greater possibilities for their own lives and to take ACTION.

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