Immigrants are your neighbors too

From all indications whatever reason the priest and the Levite gave for not helping the man was not good enough and Jesus made it crystal clear that they failed to be a good neighbor to the man that was robbed.

Above all this cannot be done at arm’s length, there is a need for proximity and getting to truly knowing people and treat them with respect and honor and not just a project.

Therefore, it is prudent for those of us who are already on the ground to be facilitators and empowerment agent, because all of us well benefit in the long wrong.

It takes a certain caliber of people to want it bad enough to pack and leave their countries of birth and move somewhere else, without any guarantees for success, coupled with all the risks and uncertainties involved.

When we start looking at the movement of people from this perspective it will help us appreciate what is going on and who we relate to those that move into our communities.

Why I Refused to Become an Illegal Alien: Navigating the Complexities of the … via @amazon



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